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Post by Admin on Tue Dec 27, 2016 1:28 pm

While it is with every intention that categories will be updated or added to upon requests, there has to be a limit somewhere. As an example, the category Collecting: every person has their own collections, and the number of collections can be as wide and as varied as the sands upon a beach; no sub-categories will be created. In any category in which the sub levels would be quite extensive, the inclusion of a sub would have to be declined.

Please post any requests regarding categories or sub categories here. That way, we know who to give the credit to; also, should the request be declined, if there is enough people who would like to see that addition (and if I can be persuaded), then it might be allowed.

Lastly, let it be known that anyone who suggests a topic / category, that person will be promoted to moderator for that category. I still retain overall site control, but it should only be fair in that the person who has that interest be allowed to direct that section.


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