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Lizard Wizard

Post by Admin on Tue Dec 27, 2016 2:38 pm

Halloween 2014

I made this costume out of bits and pieces collected from Goodwill; the only thing I have for this costume that I did not get from that store is the spear.

Image one shows the mask.  This was from the first Spider-Man reboot, the one with, you guessed it, the Lizard.  I cut off the jaw, glued on some nylon stocking to make a hinge that moved with my jaw, attached some dry wall mounts, and painted.

The second and third images here are of the book; the first shows the steps in altering the book, while the second details the cover.  Without going into too much detail, I basically soaked the book in warm coffee water (instant)... afterwards I was told that tea works better, but I think it all depends on the book.  With the cover, I peeled off the actual cover from the cardboard underneath, painted it with coffee water for aging and then a water / glue mix to seal.  Glued the pages back onto the cardboard, wood burned in a design that I filled in with marker, and finally attached a roughed up girl's belt buckle.

This fourth image is of some fittings of the costume itself.  You can see the various stages in these four pictures.  Note that the brown cloak is a snuggie that I repurposed and that the black is a curtain.  The rings are for a shower curtain, and the ribbon is just ordinary ribbon.  Everything was attached together with hot glue.  The hood is an actual hood I found at Goodwill.

The fifth image just shows the props.  The book is bound with the belt from the buckle, has decorative glass aquarium beads glued onto the corners; plant hanger is used as the belt, with shower curtain rings added to tie it all together (and more glass beads); rubber cleaning gloves with a placemat that was painted green and cut up (back of hand), and foam (fingers).[url=[/url]

When combined, the finished product was this:

I believe the whole thing (not counting spear) was under $20.


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