Mackinac Bridge Walk

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Mackinac Bridge Walk

Post by Admin on Tue Dec 27, 2016 11:18 am

60th Annual

On Saturday September 2 2017, I will be driving up to St Ignace... right at the eastern-most tip of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, to participate in the annual Mackinac Bridge Walk. I've done this two years now (2014 and 2015), and I love it. It's a beautiful drive,as you travel through scenic forest and along Lake Michigan, the immediate area has a rich early American history within the fur trade era, and the bridge is a spectacle itself. The walk itself takes place on that Monday, September 4, and I should be arriving back home somewhere around 5p local time.

Whenever I make a trip like this, I always try to invite people along, to share in the experience, to enjoy the company, and yes... to split cost. I am not making that offer here right now because there is only me; I've made the offer to my friends on a different forum and on Facebook. Next year I'll send an invite on here. I'm only posting about this right now because I marked it on the forum's calendar and because I'm bored at work, just keeping myself busy.


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